Unibasic Installation unter SuSE 6.x

Die Installation von Unibasic auf einem SuSE 6.x System


Es sollte für die Nutzung von UB ein eigener Benutzer, z.B mit Yast, angelegt werden. Die Auswahl des HOME Verzeichnisses sollte etwas genauer getroffen werden, da dieses von der UB-Installation genutzt wird.
Das Verzeichnis /tmp sollte existieren
Download der Software von DCI ( Dynamic Concepts Inc. )

Zuerst die Installationsarchive ins Verzeichnis /tmp kopieren. Entpacken mit uncompress 6D* Nun beide Packete mit cpio -icv 20 short >0- record length = %d
0 string DATA uniBasic data file
>20 short >0- record length = %d
0 string ITEM uniBasic formatted item file
>20 short >0- record length = %d
0 short 0x62 uniBasic indexed key file
0 string CONT uniBasic contiguous file
>20 short >0- record length = %d

Backspace ist unter UB mit Linux im Termtreiber \177\:4
Beispiel für ein .profile des UB Users:
ALTCALL=:102=15:89=44:98=42:;export ALTCALL
ALTCALL=:102=15:89=44:98=42:; export ALTCALL
TERM=ansi; export TERM
PATH=$PATH” :/bin:/u/u/sys:/u/ub/:/u/ub/5:/u/ub/2:/home/user”
# use following line to automatically start UniBasic
exec unibasic

Beispiel für die Datei Errmessage, welche dir Fehlermeldungen des UB übersetzt ( Home Verzeichnis des UB Users) :
# The following are the BASIC error numbers and descriptions

# The format is “UniBasic message #:Optional IRIS error #:Message text”

# Group 1: Encoding syntax and command errors

0:No such error

1:Unrecognizable word

2:Format error

3:Incorrect parenthesis closure

4:Incorrect subscript closure

5:Line (stn) number is missing or invalid

7:IFs without ‘ENDIF’

8:’ELSE’ without ‘IF’

9:’ENDIF’ without ‘IF’

10:Too many variables defined, limit is 348

11:Statement not executable in keyboard mode

12:No program in partition

13:Non-existent lines referenced

15:Invalid character

16:Invalid speed or invalid command from your port

17:ENTER statement is illegal if not in a subprogram

18:The ENTER statement can only be executed once in a subprogram

19:Program has been corrupted – cannot execute

# Group 2: Syntax and program structure errors

20:Syntax error

21:Syntax error in DEFined function

22:No such line (stn) number

23:Variable not specified

24:User function not defined

25:Illegal function usage

26:’COM’ statement out of order

27:’FOR’ without a matching ‘NEXT’

28:’NEXT’ without a matching ‘FOR’

29:’RETURN’ without a prior ‘GOSUB’

30:Number/types of arguments do not match parameter list

31:’Function argument’ or ‘Statement Mode’ out of range

32:String expression not allowed here

33:Syntax error in ‘DATA’ statement or CRT control string

34:Formatted output overflows output string

35:Variable in CHAIN READ not passed by CHAIN WRITE

36:Variable from CHAIN WRITE not in this program

37:String expression must be used here

38:Variable in CHAIN READ already contains data

39:Variable in CHAIN WRITE contains no data

# Group 3: Complexity and limit errors

40:’FOR’ statements nested too deep

41:’GOSUB’ statement nested too deep

42:User DEFined functions nested too deep

43:Expression too complex for evaluation

45:Arithmetic error – (X/zero, overflow, LOG(0), or SQR -X)

46:User partition space exhausted

47:Execution prohibited from this account

48:Format string is invalid or too complex for evaluation

# Group 4: Array and string errors

50:Variable precision cannot be changed

51:Attempt to DIMension an existing simple variable

52:Variable name not DIMensioned

53:Array size exceeds initial DIMension

54:Subscript exceeds DIMension

55:Illegal subscript specified

56:Strings can have only one (1) DIMension

57:Parameter variable in ENTER statement has already been allocated

58:String or array variable has not been DIMensioned

59:A string may not be re-DIMensioned

# Group 5: Matrix errors

60:Same matrix on both sides of ‘MAT’ is illegal here

61:Matrices have different DIMensions

62:Matrix has zero DIMension; Argument is not a matrix

63:Matrix DIMensions are not compatible for this operation

64:Matrix is not square

65:Matrix cannot be INVerted – has zero DETerminant

# Group 6: File and I/O errors

70:Filename does not exist

71:Filename already exists; use ‘!’ to replace

72:File in use; cannot CREATE, DELETE, EOPEN or MODIFY

74:File is in use and locked

75:File is delete protected

76:Out of DATA

77:Extra INPUT numeric items; warning only

78:INPUT of wrong type or insufficient

79:DATA of wrong type (numeric/string)

80:Illegal pathname or filename

81:Illegal channel number specified (or ISAMFILES value too small)

82:Protected Directory or file system, access not granted

85:System is out of channels – notify Manager

86:Not a loadable program file – wrong revision, protected or corrupted

87:Selected channel is not open

88:Illegal record number (past end of file)

89:Assigned channel limit exceeded; too many OPEN files

90:File size is too large for system; cannot expand

91:File is Read-protected

92:File is Write-protected

93:Invalid parameter or syntax for command

95:No such logical unit/pack

96:Program is Re-SAVE/COPY protected

98:File system has no available disk space

100:Selected data record is locked

101:File is not Indexed or Mapped

102:Invalid or non-existent Index number selected

104:Invalid or unimplemented user CALL ID number

105:Parameter list overflow

106:Error detected in/by user CALL routine

107:Not enough parameters passed to user CALL

108:User call parameters out of order

110:C-Tree Index File error; print ERR(8) for details, or var DIM < key len 112:CRT X,Y coordinate out of range 114:CRT Type not selected for your port 120:No communication file '/tmp/comm.listx.y' 121:Communication buffer is full 122:Illegal port number selected 131:Program Channel not OPEN; cannot resave until SAVE/PSAVE issued 132:Channel is already OPEN and in-use 133:Illegal item number selected 134:Data does not match item specification and cannot be converted 136:File is being built or deleted 138:Item number is not sequential 139:Subprogram file not found 140:Subprogram file is read protected 141:Subprogram file is not a BASIC program 142:Not a data file (can't OPEN or replace) 144:Cannot cross ISAM record boundary 150:WINDOWS environment variable not defined or count exceeded 151:No open windows 152:Window tracking not enabled 156:Record Not Written to Formatted Item File 157:Data Read Error 158:Input Timed Out # Miscellaneous 254:ESCape has been pressed and no ESCape branching enabled 255:Security Failure - Grace or Demonstration period has expired Beispiel für eine TERM.ANSI base_x:1 base_y:1 max_x:80 max_y:25 pc_leadin:1 xy_order:1 xy_ascii:1 crt_type:8 crt_flags:0x150 rb:\7\ lf:\12\ cr:\15\\12\ mh:\33\[1;1H mu:\33\[A md:\33\[B ml:\33\[D mr:\33\[C cs:\33\[6l\33\[2J\33\[1;1H\33\[1m cu:\33\[6h\33\[2J cl:\33\[6h\33\[K ce:\33\[6h\33\[J bp:\33\[1o\33\[0m ep:\33\[1m\33\[0o bd:\33\[36m ed:\33\[37m bb:\33\[5m eb:\33\[0;1m bu:\33\[4m eu:\33\[0;1m br:\33\[0;7m er:\33\[0;1m il:\33\[L dl:\33\[M ic:\33\[@ dc:\33\[P lk:\33\[2h uk:\33\[2l pi:_ re:\33\[31m gr:\33\[32m ye:\33\[33m bl:\33\[34m bk:\33\[30m ma:\33\[35m cy:\33\[36m wh:\33\[37m xx:\33\[1m\33\[0o\33\[6l\33\[2J\33\[1:1H sd:ANSI PC monitor pc:\33\[ pc1:; pc2:H # default input character processing ^B:13 ^C:14 ^D:7 ^E:12 ^H:22 ^J:15 ^M:15 ^O:9 ^Q:11 ^S:10 ^X:8 ^[:6 ^P:19 \177\:4 # Graphic Zeichen G1:\332\ G2:\277\ G3:\300\ G4:\331\ G5:\304\ BH:\304\ G6:\263\ BV:\263\ G7:\264\ G8:\303\ G9:\301\ G10:\302\ G11:\305\ ^L:3

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